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stop signThis entire week has been an series of ups and downs in the immigration world.  With the signature of multiple executive orders, President Trump has managed to turn U.S. immigration law, policy, and practice on its head in the very first week he has been in office.  The early results of his travel ban are in, and they do not look good.

Quick Recap: President Trump’s Travel Ban

As reported earlier this week, one of the President’s executive orders ban the admission of foreign nationals into the U.S. if they are from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Sudan, or Yemen.  Additionally, U.S. consulates have been instructed to refuse to issue visas to nationals of these countries.  Supposedly, this ban will be temporary and last 90 days, but there is no way of knowing whether the President will decide to extend it, or if he will choose to add more countries to the list.

Result #1:  More than 100,000 visas have been revoked

According to the Department of Justice, more than 100,000 visas have been revoked as a result of the travel ban involving the aforementioned seven countries.  This statistic was revealed in a federal courtroom in Virginia, where a judge granted the commonwealth’s motion to join one of the many lawsuits that have been filed that seek to challenge the implementation of the travel ban.

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