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capitolLast week, Republican lawmakers Tom Cotton (Arkansas) and David Perdue (Georgia) joined the President for a press conference as they unveiled the updated version of their bill, Reforming American Immigration for Strong Employment Act.  The RAISE Act was first introduced in February, and the senators are again trying to bring it back to life, this time with the vocal support and endorsement of the President.


The RAISE Act purports to take its provisions from immigration legislation enacted by Canada and Australia, two countries that utilize a points-based merit system in order to allot immigrant visa numbers each year.  Some of the metrics that are involved in the points-based allotment would include the foreign national’s age (being between the ages of 26 and 31 would earn the applicant 10 points); education (if the foreign national possesses a bachelor’s degree, he or she would earn 5-6 points, and 7-8 points if the degree is a Master’s in one of the STEM fields); English language fluency skills (up to an extra 12 points are available for this category); and the offered salary (the foreign national may receive 5-13 points depending on how far the offered salary is above the prevailing wage).