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visaWe are not even one month into the new administration, and already our worst fears are being realized as every day brings news of another signed or drafted executive order aimed at limiting immigration to the United States.  Below is a summary of the executive orders that President Trump has already signed or has drafted and is expected to sign in the next few days.

Construction of the Mexico-U.S. Border Wall

President Trump seems bound and determined to make good on his promise to “build a wall” along the Mexico-U.S. border, even if it means costing the American taxpayers more than $1 million per mile.  In addition to the construction of the wall, this executive order also demands an increase in the number of Border Patrol agents by at least 5,000 and calls for an additional 10,000 officers to be hired by Immigration and Customs Enforcement in order to assist in processing deportations.

The actual construction of the wall will likely not begin for several months, but the administration has promised that the logistical planning and budgeting will begin immediately.

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