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by Leslie Youssef

LeslieI grew up in a small town where everyone had a similar story.  Quaint, but kinda boring, really. When it came time to choose a University, Ohio State was a no-brainer for me. The university alone was ten times the size of my home town.  Sold.

During my first year at Ohio State, I became involved in several different international activities. It sounds corny, but I was fascinated by the students and faculty from all over the world. I became a conversation partner for ESL students, landed an internship with a non-profit working on international education projects, and informed my parents that I would be spending my first summer in Ecuador. I had barely left the State of Ohio and suddenly I was applying for a passport, taking anti-malaria medication, and hopping on a plane to South America.  (Now that I have three daughters, I can appreciate how annoying this must have been).