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Welcome to ImmigRantings

Welcome to ImmigRantings, a blog of the attorneys at Slowik & Robinson LLC.  Our law firm helps businesses, individuals, and families with all kinds of immigration law problems.  We also serve their general business and employment law needs.

Immigration generates a lot of controversy and debate nowadays.  If you are in charge of hiring for a U.S. company and are considering a foreign applicant, or if you’re a foreign student or professional thinking about taking a job here, you might be having second thoughts.

We say:  “Don’t.”  With our help, the legal immigration process can get your business the talent it needs to remain competitive in today’s economy.  And, our firm can get skilled foreign students, professionals, or athletes the work visas they need to make the U.S. their career home.

Now is not the time to re-think hiring talented foreign workers.  It is the time to explore immigration options intelligently and creatively with our firm’s assistance.

SR IntroWe are committed to providing each of our clients with the best possible chance of achieving immigration goals. We know how frustrating and time-consuming the immigration process can be.

We have created this blog to offer a more casual format for discussing immigration issues, including giving ourselves license to “rant” when we are so inclined!  The debate over illegal immigration has blinded many people to the enormous benefits of legal immigration.  So, we will get on our soap box from time to time.

You may have been told that paying an attorney to prepare visa filings is a waste of money and you can do it yourself.  But our law firm does much more than just file paperwork – we act as creative and resourceful advocates on your behalf.

Here’s one example.  Immigration law provides a limited number of work-authorized visa categories, but nothing prevents a good attorney from making creative use of them.  Our firm obtained an O-1 nonimmigrant “artist” visa for a highly skilled roofer who works on historic cathedrals and other structures.  A roofer who is an artist?  An immigration attorney must think outside the box!

Immigration law is complex and can change faster than you can finish the paperwork to apply for a visa.  Having an attorney advocate for you will make a difference.  Part of the reason we started this blog is because we want to be able to help as many people as possible work through the immigration process successfully.

The attorneys at Slowik & Robinson will use this blog to answer general questions, explore issues, and provide tips to employers and skilled foreign workers, students, entrepreneurs, and others who need immigration assistance.  We hope you will feel free to ask questions and engage with us on the topic of immigration.

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